Lets have your logo come alive with our wide range of exciting colour thread. They are made just for embroidery. Choose from our Standard threading. The 3D Puff finishing effect. The 3D puff effect is mainly used to brand on caps, Labels makes for a great alternative to brand beanies. Both choices will surely make your logo stand out from the rest of the crowd.


If you want to have a quality appearance you’ll want to probably go for the best. For the sake of your brand or logo. Embroidery will most likely be your best option. It’s the lasting alternative for having a great appearance on your product. The thread is mainly applied to lounge shirts, golf shirts and caps. This thread then provides a classy look and adds a certain attention to detail to your cap or garment.

After the logo gets digitized we will most of all get it proofed by running an actual sample of your artwork. This is done to ensure that every logo is up to our high standard. We will then send you a picture of the real sample and make sure you are 100% happy with the quality you see. We can do embroidery on small and large scale orders. Therefor we have no minimum order quantity.

This is a great effect for hats and caps especially when you want a bold look.  There are limitations to 3D Puff as your logo can’t be too thin or too thick. It is best on bold lettering.



Q. Is it cheaper to do screen printing or embroidery?

Screen Printing is less expensive, but not as much as people think. It is typically a couple of dollars less per item. On smaller runs, embroidery is generally less expensive.

Q. In what format should I submit my logo?

For the purposes of embroidery, we prefer a JPG at 300dpi. We can also accept TIFF, EPS, GIF and PDF formats. For the purposes of screen printing we need an EPS or Corel Draw files. We can not use JPG, GIF, PDF or TIFF files for screen printing.

Q. Can I bring my own garments in for embroidery and printing?

Yes. However, quite often we can save you money by purchasing the product for you because of our volume discount with several suppliers.

Q. What types of garments produce the best embroidery results?

Button down shirts, jackets and bags and caps will produce crisp results for embroidery. Loose knit shirts and caps can be difficult for small lettering and detail such as t-shirts

Q. How does the pricing work?

The  pricing is tied to the number of stitches. A garment of 3,000 stitches is going to take much less time on the  machine then a design of 50,000 stitches. Pricing is also dependent on the number of garments embroidered. Colours are not normally a pricing factor unless there are more then five colors in the design.

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