* Please note – we work with minimum order quantities from 10 units upwards.

It is true when they say that screen printing is the most popular decoration choice for t-shirts and apparel. When you choose a screen printed t-shirt you will know that you received a fantastic, durable and vibrant print. As well that it is cost effective and long lasting. Screen printing offers you many variations to the inks that can be used such as: Plastisol, Waterbased, 3D-Puff, Gliter, Neon, Metallic and even a few more if you dig deep.

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Plastisol Screen Printing

Although nothing is “Standard” about our printing process there are still a few standard things to consider. It is standard procedure for us to be printing with plastisol inks. Therefor we offer inks that will work on any garment, although you will find that certain garments are better suited for certain art. When you are unsure and you don’t have something in mind let us help and come up with something that will work well with your art.
Best Suited For: All types of printing.
Tip: Plastisol ink has a rough finish therefore please requested for the smooth finish. (If you prefer to have it so)

water based ink

Discharge inks is used as an extra activator chemical and then mixed in with the water based inks. We then make this your artwork and that is then screened onto the garment by the printer. The extra ingredient is heat activated. When run through our high temperature dryers it gets discharged. This happens when the chemical removes the dye from the fabric and thus leaving it in its natural off-white state under the printed ink.
This process results in a nice soft hand feel on dark garments. Something that would otherwise have require plastisol inks to do so. We can use this ink by itself or in combination with other inks/treatments as a base for dark garments. This process is limited to some brands & 100% cotton garments. An exact color matching is not possible because of the garment type and color batches that are not always consistent from shirt to shirt.
Best Suited For: Light Colour shirts
Tip: The colours of the print cannot always be guaranteed.

Plastisol Screen Printing

CMYK Process Printing is a technique we have perfected over the years for your benifit. This process allows us to print full-color high resolution graphics, especially photo-realistic images, to dark or light tees and thus reducing the cost of expesive digital printing for larger orders.
Most of our CMYK process prints are done using 5 colors, although some designs are printed using 10 or more colors. We mix this with a discharge underbase so that you will get a nice soft print feel as well.
You may be charged to separate your image for CMYK screen printing.
Best Suited For: Order that require full colour and over 100 units.
Tip: CMYK printing looks best on light colour garments.


Puff Inks adds good taste to a design by puffing the heck out of your design on a t-shirt! When it is used with control, you can still achieve some surprisingly sophisticated looks with wisely applied puff inks. Regular puff is created by a bubbling molten effect on your garment.
Best Suited For: All types, artwork must be bold.
Tip: Fine detail not suitable.

Metallic inks

Metallic Inks have metal flakes suspended in the semi transparent base. They come in a handful of colors, with the most popular being gold and silver. There are different types of metallic inks that we use to achieve subtle differences even within the same color range. Metallic inks require us to use a much lower mesh count (larger holes between threads) on the screens so they work better with designs that don’t have fine details. This also uses a lot more ink.
Best Suited For: All types
Tip: Black ink goes well with gold on white garments.

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